Saturday, 2 February 2013

A special parcel ....

Our household has been rather busy lately so I apologise for the lack of new posts that some have emailed about ... It is nice that my regulars have missed new posts- thank you!

While I was out on the front drive, shovelling thick snow last week, a courier chap trudged through the snow with a parcel for us. It was from my dear friend & sister in law Rikie in South Africa.

Please pop over to her new blog to enjoy her handiwork riekiesroost and inspire her (& me) to update regularly.

The parcel contained some special gifts - don't you just love my handmade cushion with its colourful crochet decorations.

I know it will be perfectly at home in my bedroom as the colours are echoed in my eclectic chandelier ...

My chandelier

What is particularly lovely is that the gifts are made with much love & great skill.

Do you have a favourite colour or item?

Thanks for stopping by, your comments & links are always appreciated.
Dee ~♥~


  1. No matter how "techy" the world gets, it's still fun to get letters and parcels in the mail ~ especially when they're full of love (**

    1. That is so true Susy - the parcel that says 'I thought of you ... '

      Have a good week & thanks for stopping by again!

  2. That chandelier is to die for as my English mother would have said.

    1. It certainly is a statement piece Diane - I love it & the colour it splashes about the room when the light hits it - thanks for stopping by


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