Friday, 23 December 2011

Festive books at home

We always have a few interesting, festive type books at home that we put out for the season.

The Felicity Wishes Fairy book was one of youngest daughters childhood books that she just won't part with as she loves it so much. It is always tucked away with the decorations so it can come out again ....

I was browsing the beautiful Christmas Cooking book & looked up to see "Christmas and how to survive it" on the top of the other pile .... quite a good contrast.

A good chuckle because we are very laid back about the whole family meal & we eat mid afternoon after a very relaxed family day!

Do you have any favourite books you put out? I could do with a copy of Dickens 'Christmas tale' ...

Christmas books at home

Happy reading & preparation time
Dee ♥

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