Friday, 31 January 2014

Trending tartan

Do you love the timelessness of tartan?

I shared my gorgeous tartan win for the dining room late last year ...

While down visiting Snooks the Hatters, my heart leapt at the gorgeous tartan goods.

So much choice …

Traditional & modern plaids & tartans

I am very much inclined towards the purple, heather colour …

Traditional blue / brown colours add warmth & familiarity

That green / blue scarf - well, it is now at home with me to compliment a new coat

Tartan - traditional or modern, is right on trend: vibrant, colourful & always in fashion.

Are you trending any tartan? Which colour palette do you prefer?

Thanks for stopping by, always appreciate your comments
Dee ~♥~


  1. Beautiful Dee!! I also love Tartan!! Thanks for always sharing such beautiful & interesting snippets with us!! Love your Blog!!

    1. Thanks my dear - tartans are just so beautiful ….

  2. Love tartan!!! Great post!!!


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