Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Right on trend

I do not consider myself to be a follower of fashion - I have clear ideas what I like or don't so I happily make my own choices.

I recently shared how I decided to recover my cushions for the wicker chairs in our summerhouse / shed where we spend a lot of time in Summer.

It is sited by the hedge in the garden & is a quiet place to just sit & read, have breakfast or tea with friends while enjoying the garden & wildlife.

I sewed my new cushions from a pair of curtains after the fabric caught my eye.  I was drawn to the fabric with its grey background & game / woodland type design of feathers, berries & pheasant.

Last week, I came across a ready made circular table cloth in the exact same fabric which I immediately bought to go with the cushions.

Imagine my surprise while flicking through the new Zara catalogue ideas for winter 2014 to see a very similar fabric used in their bedding?

I must say that I am rather pleased that our cushions are clearly right on trend - unintentionally on my part but being a classic design, I know we will enjoy them for some time.

Are you inclined toward woodland & classic designs?  Are you a follower of fashion & trends?

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Dee ~♥~


  1. Love the flowers and colors....it seems to brighten up the room! What a surprise to find a tablecloth also!

    1. Oh thank you Lynda - I am way behind with everything due to family commitments but thank you for stopping by again!


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