Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Repotting the conservatory succulents

Hi everyone

Garden jobs are taking a lot of time but they are needed.  We have some low maintenance pots of succulents in our observatory where they love the summer heat & tolerate the cold winter temperatures.

However, they have outgrown their pots & attention was urgently needed.  I recently had them out but had bought the wrong potting soil which expanded & I didn't pot them on enough ...

This was my previous effort but in vain as I didn't repot all the little ones from the bases of the plants.

 This morning, I took advantage of the bright but crisp weather to do the job again by mixing the two kinds of potting soil & by thinning them out a lot more by removing the little ones or the 'pups' as they are called. The little gnomes were a gift from little visitors & they look right in the succulent pots.

This is an additional pot - I still need to find another shallow ceramic planter that will fit in the IKEA ones so the red container is just a temporary home for all these little ones ...

Another that is repotted from a small pot & it now has a bit of space, surrounded by little plants ..

This one takes up a whole planter on its own ...

Six of the previous ones are repotted individually in to pots that are contained in the 2 favourite IKEA planter troughs with their pretty metal work ...

The succulents are repotted properly this time - they look less cramped now in their individual pots & the round containers ...

My Aloe Vera was a gift from my friend Kathy some years back when she split hers - it has a temporary space in a terracotta pot until I can find a glazed pot for it. The medicinal properties of it are alluring though I confess to not using it as much as I should.

These succulents seem to be thriving & multiplying all the time, however, our Midlands weather is too cold for them to be outdoors. They are taking up a lot of space but with the air cleaning properties of the Aloe Vera, our conservatory is the place to go to have clean air ...

Have a lovely week everyone & thank you for stopping by & taking time to read & comment.
Dee ~♥~


  1. Wow...that was a job!! Do you need to come to Texas?...I have a few you could pot right up :^)
    We have an aloe that is VERY old, and the base of the plant has "limbs" that are about 6" in diameter! The big pot that it is in weighs a ton, so hubby has to bring out the 2 wheel dolly to move it out in the spring and bring it in for fall. It is out for the summer now and seems to thrive in it's shady nook by the driveway. I use it pretty often for mosquito bites on myself and the grand girls.
    Your Ikea pots are beautiful....good purchase there!!
    Have a blessed weekend,

    1. Hi Jaybird
      Well done for keeping it going so long - I too have a trolley that I move outdoor pots around with. In South Africa, we grew a wall of Aloes on our boundary wall & they were stunning. Have a lovely week in Texas

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