Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The sweet scent of some success

Our summer just does not seem to want to arrive this year - the odd sunny day or two doth not a summer make in my view. We have had some pretty torrential rain which has battered the garden ...

In March, I shared how I always start my Sweetpeas early starting-sweetpeas in the hope of having two tubs of stunning colour.

Alas, all that planning & yet they are only now starting to flower; sparse flowers amid the green pea tendrils ....

Because I started the sweet peas early, I also added additional plants from our local farm shop when it looked to sparse, as well as some everylasting sweet pea seeds from a relative in the hope that some would flower at least.



Some have the most divine, heady fragrance - a real treat to walk past them. 

garden sweetpeas

I am hoping that they will fill out & flower into the summer because they are absolutely stunning.
Every year I wonder if they are with the effort of months of planting, protecting with fleece to have for a short time but ... I know that next year I will do the same again.

Do you plan & plant special flowers for summer?
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Dee ~♥~


  1. Ah, sweet peas are a delight. When I was a shopkeeper one of my customers would bring in a vase full for the counter. May your tubs overflow.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Susy - I hope the tubs do well but with so much rain & too little sun, I am not very hopeful! Thanks for stopping by ..


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