Monday, 18 March 2013

Are your Lent resolutions holding up?

Yesterday, a newpaper article on  Lent suggested that "On the 27th day of Lent, 34 per cent will indulge in what they vowed to sacrifice"

Did you give up anything at  shrove-tuesday when you ate your last pancake?

Like last year, I have given up chocolate in its bar form which is a hardship for me as I have a rather sweet tooth ...

But - 29 days into Lent & I am still sticking to it.

After a very busy weekend helping a friend move & downsize, I had the urge for something sweet so had a tiny sherry glass of the last of my Thornton's chocolate liqueur ....

I do not consider this to be chocolate per se so have not fallen off the Lent bandwagon & grabbed proper chocolate but it is hard ....

Did you give up anything for Lent? How is your resolve holding up?

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  1. Giving up chocolate....that would be difficult. I just finished a few thin mints(you just have to help the Girl Scouts)...Have a wonderful Easter.


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