Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother's Day breakfast

I hope all the UK mother's have enjoyed their day. We do not make a huge thing out of Mother's Day - just family time usually.

Our eldest wondering star  daughter is currenly enjoying the delights of the Northern lights in Sweden & photographing a friends wedding so she sent a polaroid photo card ♥

Youngest  Stacy Sparkle decided on a breakfast of small pancakes, fruit & yoghurt which is our favourite & she even did the table herself ...

Some of my lovely Portmeirion Portobello pattern plates with vintage coloured cutlery that I love

An scented Ikea candle - so lovely

 Some crystal gems & rose serviettes

Her lovely blueberry pancakes were just perfect -but we had to watch out for the exploding blueberries when you cut into them ...

Lots of fruit & yoghurt to kick start our morning

How lovely does this look?

Simple & stunning - just how we like it ♥

A thoughtful day which was lovely after a trying week - thanks girls.

Do you like her choice of table settings? What is your favourite pancake toppings?

Thanks for stopping by, always pleased to read the comments & return the visits.

Dee ~♥~


  1. Hello darling
    I just loved the beautiful vintage cutlery. What materials are the handles of the knives made from? colour green? Interesting and beautiful.
    Love the table decorations. Hope Stacey bakes those pancakes for us when we finally visit?
    Lots of love

    1. Hiya Rieks
      The cutlery is an old set with either plastic or bakelite handles - the set has various colours, Stacy choose the light & dark greens.
      She will treat you when you visit

  2. Ghee whiz....for a minute I thought I had missed Mother's Day...hey that's not until MAY...oh...different country! LOVE the pink/red accents and blueberries are wonderful in mouth is watering! Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Lynda - it is also in May in South Africa where I am from but we celelbrate it in the UK much earlier. Thank you - the pink setting is always fresh for Spring & the pancakes were really good, even if the cooked blueberries pop when you eat them. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Dee I love your photos. I designed the pattern for the portobello tableware a while back. I'm putting together a new website with some images of the ceramics on there I wondered if I might be able to use a couple of your photos if I gave you a credit ? My email is look forward to hearing from you.Kind Regards Siobhan

    1. Hiya Siobhan
      How absolutely talented are you. I am a great china fan & have always admired the talent of people such as yourself. I have messaged you & you are most welcome to use the images.
      Regards D


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