Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas biscuits baking with the lads

I do try to get in some baking at Christmas - it is always much nicer to eat something you have made yourself & it just brings everyone together.

This year, I am joined by two of my Godchildren to bake biscuits for their new bowl.

I decided on a biscuit recipe I have used several times before because it rolls easily enough for young hands to work with & tastes really good.

The lads enjoying the selection of Christmas cutters & dough

While waiting for their baking to cook, my daughters taught them essential life skills (not) of how to walk in very high heels & dance to loud music :)

After much jigging about the kitchen, the cookies are nicely browned - tasting time :)

I selected some to put in their new Villeroy & Boch Christmas cookie bowl - theirs has snowmen on it (not that we have had snow yet ....)

I think they look just fine - lovely enough to go to their home, ready for Christmas

The recipe I favour - quick & easy for children to roll & cut & it makes a lot

A lovely evening with my Godsons - enjoying time spent together. Do you do lots of baking over Christmas? What sort of things will be cooking in your kitchen?

Thanks for stopping by, happy festive planning
Dee ~♥~

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I've got to get some of those special baking shoes.


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