Saturday, 28 December 2013

Fragrant Paper Whites

As our traditional Christmas scents fade, I have some beautiful Paper Whites in  2 bowls to replace the seasonal flowers.

This is the first year I have grown them after seeing them on a gardening programme, I decided to try something different. Paper Whites belong to the daffodil family.

I planted up 2 large bowls & a smaller one in November. The second large bowl was a gift for a friend who has a December birthday; she loves indoor plants as much as I do so I knew she would enjoy a bowl of flowers too.

I have never grown them before so I had no idea how long they would take to come into flower or what they would be like as house plants. Once planted, they were placed in the cooler garage (safe from our marauding squirrels) & left there until they showed a lot of growth.

For those who haven't grown Paper Whites before, I recommend them because the tall stemmed flowers have clusters of sweetly scented flowers that are very heady & a welcome change from red plants & flowers ....
So as we prepare to welcome in another New Year, I am just enjoying the lull between festivities & making changes to the d├ęcor as we always do at this time.

Thanks for stopping by, have a fabulous last few days of 2013 ...
Dee ~♥~


  1. Congrats on your success of growing lovely paper whites! I am afraid they would wilt in Florida...temperatures are unseasonably warm this year...reaching 84*today...of course with the air-conditioning on they may survive....I'll have to look for them in October at our local nursery in 2014! Happy New Year, Dee! We have spent the last 3 days watching the entire 3 seasons of Downton Abby and have fallen in love with the British!

    1. I envy you the heat Lynda - some warmth would be most welcome here!

      I am a massive Downton Abbey fan too - Ms M & I have resolved to visit Highclere Castle this coming year & I will share the experience with everyone here!

      Happy New Year to you & yours too - may it be a good year & thanks for your support!

  2. One of my very favorites!
    I just planted mine today.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, hope yours will be fabulous too - please share your photos when they bloom.

      I know your photos, when you share, will be as amazing as the others on your webpage ... so stunning!


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