Friday, 4 April 2014

Before Pinterest there was ....

We are now spoilt for idea choice with the fabulous Pinterest making it so easy to browse & collate ideas for projects, home décor suggestions & much more.

It was not always so; many will remember the mood boards we created from cut out magazine bits for inspiration whenever we wanted to create something else.

I was gifted a fabulous vintage sewing basket for my birthday this week & amongst the things in the basket was a selection of fabrics, all pinned together.

It seemed to have an order to it & Ms M & I looked through them & tried to decide on the choices which were made not too long ago.

We both decided that the fabrics are definitely 1960's / 1970's ....

 The whole pinned selection is shown on the top, then 3 very bold swatches were at the end (bedrooms perhaps?) with complementary colours gracing the first few samples.

We thought the orange / yellow / green stripes were curtaining with the striped fabric for dining chairs & the bold red furnishings with the gold patterned fabric for curtains in a living room ...

The heavy pink velvet had us stumped - lounge? Dining room ....

What do you make of the colour choices?  Do you think we guessed some of them correctly or how would you have used them? A random find that reminded us that Pinterest has not always been the platform of choice.

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to your opinions on the choices
Dee ~♥~


  1. Pinterest does have it's uses but there's nothing quite like the tactile nature of a find like this, and trying to put together the back story.

    1. I agree Maggi - Pinterest is fab, but the actual fabric really helps to make choices

  2. I have learned more crafting techniques because of Pinterest than any mood board could teach.... I do agree with Maggi, there is nothing like seeing and feeling the product. I spend way too much time looking than doing!

    1. You & me too Lynda - pinterest just has so much inspiration that it is so easy for lots of time to pass browsing all the beautiful things ….


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