Monday, 21 April 2014

Preparing for special wedding photos

Hi all, sorry about my absence & neglect of my blog but I have been busy preparing for a wedding that is approaching very quickly now.

My regular readers will remember the first wedding I photographed with my daughter & the post of photographing-beautiful-wedding

A Wondering Star had done all the Bride meeting & briefs before we went out early morning to do all the pre-wedding final plans .

My good friend, The Tipsy Tart's daughter asked me more than a year ago to photograph her wedding this year & so the time is finally approaching quickly.

I am merely an enthusiastic photographer who is seldom without a camera of sorts - some of my work has been used commercially in print  & many more have asked to use my photos for various websites, blogs & projects via my flickr photos . I always appreciate being asked as copyright demands, rather than stumbling across them on the web & having to ask for credit to be given where it is due …

I digress … so this past week, the fabulous make-up artist Liane - trained by many of the leading cosmetic houses like Benefit, YSL, Estee Lauder etc - is doing the make- up so we set off for the beautiful Ludlow to do the planning visit.

Tea & scones, then time to walk the venue & church ...

back for lunch of home made Thai chicken soup ....
then the make up session ….

I had great fun photographing the lovely Bella while her Mum was being made up - I know she will be a perfect model on the wedding day ....

The wedding will be in the fabulous old Shropshire town of Ludlow - the castle dominating the skyline & the town will be buzzing with a May Day festival but all of our attention will be on the lovely couple, their gorgeous children, family & friends.

A wonderful time to look forward to - very exciting to be working with such a beautiful, natural bride who has chosen us girlies to help on her big day

I look forward to sharing some photos soon ….

Enjoy your Easter weekend, thanks for stopping by
Dee ~♥~


  1. Hi Dee. What can I do us proud...your photos are always a joy Thank you so much for all you are have already captured both the bride to be and her sweet daughter just in the most beautiful way....I cannot wait to see what you do on the day....and have no doubt that it will be just fantastic xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. My dear Tipsy Tart - I await it with nervous anticipation - the setting, the church, the bridal group & the family will all combine to make it a really special day - we just hope to capture the essence of the day - my style definitely leans towards photo journalism / candid photos alongside the posed shots … I think candids are my strength so bring it on :) xxx

  2. Beautiful job, Dee! all I can say for your Flickr acct. You have a very special eye for photography! Next: ..Here comes the bride!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Lynda - everyone needs to do something that they love!

  3. It is going to be a super special day with extra special people and memories made for a lifetime...I've no doubt that the photos are going to be spectacular with a special 'Dee' touch!

    1. It certainly is with you in charge of the make-up make overs - waving your magic brushes! xx


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