Saturday, 9 August 2014

Holiday time ...

Hello all my faithful followers

I have to apologise for my prolonged absence but after juggling many schedules & calendars, I suddenly found that daughter StacySparkle & I had enough time to do a trip to South Africa to visit my Dad & other family & friends.

We seized the moment - we booked & travelled within a week so there was definitely not time to update my blog or schedule posts.

My Dad lives in the Little Karoo in the Eastern Cape & it is very rural with poor internet & mobile phone connections so we just enjoyed taking a tech break to catch up properly ....

These are some images of our trip - more will follow soon.

The vast Karoo landscape overlooking Graaf Reinet
 The stunning Valley of Desolation

 Long straight roads ....

 Windmills - a familiar sight

Lavender loves the Karoo climate

Amazing sunsets

Hungry birds

Thanks for stopping by, hope you are all enjoying your Summer / Winter

Dee ~♥~


  1. Beautiful country....Africa...the dark continent doesn't look so dark after all. How long was your flight? My daughter flew to Africa (Kenya) in the spring to help orphans and widows with the Take Heart Project. Looks like I should put it on my bucket list....

    1. Hi Lynda - we always fly from Birmingham so have to connect in Amsterdam then it is a 10 hour flight to Johannesburg International so it is a long haul from where we are. Once in Johannesburg, it was a 12 hour luxury bus trip to my Dad in the Karoo so lots of travelling … from reading your lovely blog, I have no doubt that you would love Africa - it is a vast continent of some 55 countries & cultures with amazing scenery ,,,,


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