Friday, 15 August 2014

Beautiful salvias in the garden

After being away for a month, I have been enjoying our garden & the beautiful lushness of full summer greens & blooms.

Some years back, I bought some salvias from Wollerton Old Hall gardens. Up to then, I had only known of salvia as Sage, the herb widely used at Christmas.

Their gardens boast a wide variety of salvias as their website confirms: " A large percentage of the plants for sale are propagated at Wollerton.   Many of the specials in the garden are for sale.  We try to provide plants to which people are attracted.   At the same time, we propagate those which we are enthusiastic about such as Salvias (we have 100), Iris, Phlox and Cupheas."

The gardens at Wollerton Old Hall are so stunning that I bought some of their salvias to bring some much needed colour to my own garden.

This year, the salvias are at their best - beautiful, vibrant & yet having a delicateness that is so pretty.

They grow happily in a mixed flowerbed near our shed - little climbing roses, clematis & salvias together.

Some others are in a bed next to the conservatory - happily greening up a small side bed with their elegance.

Their bright pink & red flowers are very cheerful amidst the green foliage

The Guardian newspaper has this interesting article on them - perhaps you will be temped to add some to your garden too.

Thanks for stopping by, hope your weekend is fabulous!

Dee ~♥~

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  1. What a beautiful post! All those lovely gardens! Somebody has a green thumb!


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