Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The kitchen being transformed

I shared the packing up of the kitchen in the previous post, now for the progress. It did not take long for the old to be gone. The kitchen team arrived,  plans were finalised & I was brought up to speed on what to expect over tea & biscuits (the tea / coffee / biscuit station was a brilliant idea even if I say so myself) then it was time to get down to the business of removing the old kitchen. I sold off the oak cupboards so they were removed & stacked in the garage.  It certainly didn't take long to clear the space ….

The cupboards stacked up in the garage - sold off on EBAY; their sale paid for lovely floor tiles for the kitchen ….

Walls stripped of the ugly tiles, loads of wires & connections now visible.

Plastering needs to be done  - lots of it to make the walls & ceiling ready

The plaster drying - no units left at all so the start of no kitchen facilities. Luckily I had planned for this & had the microwave set up for meals.

The space looks so different as a shell

Exciting time - the new units arriving en masse …

Lots of shrink wrapped units arriving on a cold winters day - the garage filling up really quickly

The first of the units going back in

Units & electrical fittings. Pot drawers - be still my heart - no more digging through piles of pots to find the one that is always at the bottom ….

The garden side being fitted

Space for the dishwasher & sink unit

More units ….


The gas hob & the extractor fan - yay - I will be able to cook again … soon. 

The utility taking shape. We kept out existing fridge / freezer & washing machine, but added a built-in microwave to keep the counter top free.   I am dreaming of all that storage …

It is taking shape …

I love the choice of the cream units - so gorgeous ….

The tiling - cream subway / metro tiles. I am always impressed by people who are really good at what they do. Shaun, the tiler asked some questions & made suggestions then the tiles were planned from the centre outwards, in perfect symmetry - be still my heart as I love symmetry & I know this will be pleasing to the eye too.

The symmetry is reflected in the utility with the units mirroring each other …. Sal the designer understood my vision perfectly ….

I kept coming through to look at the units going in - happy with the choices we made. The stepped in cupboards on the right were to break up the long lines of the units & to add interest to the lines.

Doors & counter tops in place - I love the light / dark contrast. The tiled floor going in now. I found these tiles that look like wooden flooring & knew right away that they would be perfect.

The new floor tiles look lovely against the light cupboards - I am very happy with the choices we made.

Getting there - taking shape now as the floor tiles are grouted. The long lines through to the utility just make the space seem larger.

Painting time - the plastered walls & ceilings need to be lightened now that they have dried thoroughly. A local painter decorator who has done painting for us several times was entrusted with the bringing calm & light to the new space.

All the new units & flooring are covered up ready for Natural Calico paint.  Decorator Andy even jokes 'you do know that paint comes in more than just Natural Calico.' Hmmm I love the calm of Natural Calico that flows through the house ….

Nearly there, then I can start unpacking all those boxes & actually cook the first proper meal in nearly a month (3 weeks of kitchen fitting & a week of various painting.) I have really missed proper food - microwave meals are just not proper food ….

All will be revealed in the next post …. Thanks for reading this long saga, I hope I have inspired you.
Dee ~♥~


  1. Dee this is a great renovation! You will enjoy every moment of cooking now!


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