Saturday, 22 August 2015

Cheese & wine blues ….

I hope you are enjoying summer or winter if you are a southerner.

While changing the sideboard to blue colours, I decided to try several variations to have other options to use the blue & white crockery & truth be told, while all the blue & white crockery is unpacked & the candles are changed, I may as well take try some changes ….

This is my take on using it in a modern way for cocktails, snacks or cheese & wine. This time the common thread will be the colour not the pattern.

 I kept some of the cobalt blue designs then brought in colour …

A favourite Dutch cheese platter & cheese slice continuing the blue theme …

A modern glass cheese board is teamed with a Dutch cheese dish & some modern Chinese bowls. The modern cheese knives sit well with the glass board. Don't you just love the little bowls & the plates under them (bought separately but good together).

Drinks corner - bright accessories & favourite Vodka bottles (which just happen to be the right colour)

The modern blue plates are backlit with battery lights to brighten up the shelves for night time

Colourful cocktail glasses add a modern touch & a pop of colour to the sideboard

LED lights & candles light the way to a colourful scene …

Traditional meets modern & they do very well … what do you think? What would you change?

Perhaps I will be using my numerous blue & white transfer wares a bit more often now.
Dee ~♥~

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