Monday, 17 August 2015

Time for some summer blues ….

Summer holidays means I get some time to organise & change things at home.

It has been some time since I changed the sideboard so having time on hand,  I wondered what that change should be.

It struck me that I have never done a proper blue sideboard even though I have shared it several times. I find it hard to think out of the box with the traditional blue crockery - what to team it with?

After several trips from the cupboard where the Blue Danish crockery is kept, I had piles of it in the conservatory - where to start?


I LOVE the vividness of this Blue Danish set by Ridgway - circa 1950's - the cobalt colour is stunning.

 It needs some flowers - Daisies from the garden add just enough colour to the blue …

Two modern blue glass plates add a little contrast …

I love our eclectic collection of candle holders - the candles now changed to various shades of blue & a creamy white - perfect addition & at hand to be used in the conservatory …

Fresh & modern with the daisies - a pleasing change. What do you think?

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Dee ~♥~


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