Monday, 25 April 2016

Is it possible to declutter books?

Hello friends & fellow bloggers

I know many of you will empathise with me here - is it possible to have too many books?

Our home fortunately has a small study which is very well used & it is generally tidy or ordered but since it is a private family space, it does get messy as I am a self employed tutor who is in & out, working on the computer or editing photos.

Unfortunately, since the study was built in, the room no longer has a door, it needs to be kept tidy without piles of books lying around.  Some of the changes involves how we use the space - should the open shelves hold hoards of books or trophies & photos? Which books should be kept out? The leather ones that look lovely or the ones used most often?

One thing is obvious - we have loads of books that we love & so the challenge is to decide if we are keeping them all or thinning them out?

The angst ....

I read this declutter site for inspiration but am not sure I can be that ruthless with my books, many of them collectable vintage ones so smart storage will be the answer.

How do you store your books? Do you part with the ones you are finished reading or do you hang on to them? How do you arrange them? By colour, topic, size?

Some of the leather books even make their home on our sideboard alongside other things because books are part of our life ... 

Books, paintings, vintage items ...

Books are part of our home, alongside travel memorabilia, photos & everyday items ...

What about the trend for turning them around & displaying the page side rather than the spine? It might look good but can you imagine looking for a specific book? Somehow, I know that our books will remain imperfectly part of our life - no turned spines or piles waiting at the door to be rehomed.

How about you? Do you still like turning the pages & getting the scent of ink of errr dust?

Dee ~♥~

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