Monday, 19 June 2017

Helping wildlife in the Shire

Hi everyone
I have always championed wildlife & have worked on making our garden a space that is rich in wildlife - birds, hedgehogs, bees, squirrels, bats etc.

Numerous studies have highlighted that green spaces are good for our mental health - even National Geographic has raised the mental health benefits of being in outdoors & connecting to nature.

We have put up numerous bird houses for the many species of birds that we know visit - birds like different spaces to nest, including the hedges & ivy in the garden.

We have numerous bird feeders in the hedges & in the greenery which birds love because they enjoy protection from the sparrow hawk who regular takes stray birds ...

All wildlife need access to fresh water - we have 2 footed bird baths - one is almost hidden in the greenery which is very popular with birds as the water stays cooler & they enjoy protection. The second is close to the conservatory with a ceramic water bowl close to it - they are well used.

We also have a new metal hanging one close to the small bird feeder (only small birds can get through to feed. This is again sheltered & in the shade to keep the water cool.

The sheltered garden is very green & this has encouraged a diverse range of birds because they enjoy the 'wooded' aspect even through it is a suburban garden ...

I always participate in the 30 Days Wild challenge - looking at ways to help wildlife & I think if we all just make our own spaces more wildlife friendly, we will be contributing in a small but important way.

Is your space wildlife friendly?  Do you know which wildlife visits you? Thanks for stopping by & taking the time to comment ...
Dee ~♥~


  1. That is all so beautiful!!! We have shade, but when the temps reach 100+ it's hard to keep water cool for the varmints! We do have a huge shallow pan with dripping fresh water year around, so of course we have lots of visitors as well :^) 100 degrees, it was so hot the sharp shinned hawk was sitting IN the water pan :^0. The little birds retired to the one in the kitchen inset of the house. They have protection there (house on 3 sides) plus a 50' TV antenna tower to guard the entrance.
    Funny story... We have a house wren who always nests on our open back porch. She is so comfortable with me going in and out, that yesterday she came and perched on the garbage can lid while I was dumping in a trash bag...She was jabbering so fast and so loud, she almost fell off when I closed the lid :^) I sure wish I could understand wren speak!!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

    1. Little wrens are the cutest things - they seem to defy gravity on their tiny legs. I am glad that your birds also enjoy your space & are given the help they need in your tremendous heat. We have a little robin with the redbreast that hops really close to me when I am outdoors ...


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