Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Progressing to a lush green space ....

It has been some years since we took over this garden - it was quite sparse but the mature hedges were good. However, the garden did not provide a calming green space & the first winter, I kept looking at bare fences while planning the changes for an all year round green sanctuary space.

This taken this week from almost the same spots as the above for comparison. The patio was updated last Autumn to give use the space we use outdoors  .... 

I love the green space that we enjoy now in a suburban environs. I do all the gardening except the hedges which are cut each year once all the nesting birds have raised their broods  ...

Each Winter, I still take photos to see where improvements can be made to make it a year round haven - not perfect but private & comfortable ...

I hope my garden is not the only one that is a constant work in progress - does yours also evolve across the seasons. Thank you for stopping by & taking the time to read & comment,  
Dee ~♥~


  1. That is have a mini golf course!!
    I know you enjoy being outside!!

    1. Hi Jaybird - I really do enjoy being outdoors, time just flies. Have a lovely week too x


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