Monday, 24 July 2017

Growing tomatoes .....

My regular visitors know that I am a bit of an urban gardener - I love growing salad greens & other little bits. I think the joy of actually getting some thing homegrown is half the thrill & it just makes us connect to the soil & keeps us grounded.

I bought 4 tomato plants in the sale section at the local garden centre some weeks back - they were not too big but healthy looking so I thought - why not?

They were potted in to a trough which was placed next to the side of the conservatory where it is sheltered & warm.

They have muddled along & suddenly there is a spurt of growth & energy with some flowers & some tomatoes at last!

I popped a soft cherry tomato in the soil & that has spouted all the little ones seen at the bottom of the trough ...

Even though they are still small & green, I have enjoyed watching them through the conservatory window & am hopeful to get a small crop by the end of summer.

Does anyone else grow a few bits on in summer? I shall soon have to think of something for my covered troughs for winter as the salad greens have been so brilliant over the summer  ...

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  1. I have a few radishes, a couple of grape tomato plants and tons of herbs. Your tomatoes look great!! Watch out for the squirrels..around here, tomatoes are their FAVORITE summer treat!! They also love the leftover watermelon rinds. Hubby always leaves them a bit of the good parts too :)

    1. Hiya
      Thanks for the advice - I never even gave our regular squirrels a thought so I hope they avoid them! I love little tomatoes in salads so I hope yours do well too (you have the weather for it)


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