Saturday, 15 June 2019

Growing some organic salads for summer

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We had had a very wet start to our June - Shropshire had a staggering 168mm / 6 inches of rain this past week. It has curtailed our gardening but I always plant a little something because I just love the challenge of growing things.

My herb garden is established along the raised side of the house - away from any animals & they are quite protected there by a fence & the house which means that I have fresh herbs almost all year round.

I shared my new salad planters two years ago - the Elho planters with their covers are perfect for salads because they are protected from bugs too & being on legs they are a good height too. They are positioned on both sides of our back door, close to the kitchen & the herbs so it is easy to use them.

I happened across this interesting mix from Miracle grow - the seeds in a rough pellet mix which is sprinkled over the top of the soil, watered then that is it.

I bought just one bag, sceptical of it, however, I followed the instructions & sprinkled the contents then watered it.

It was quite amazing as the little pellets suddenly started expanding until they looked like soil rather than pellets - all this in a few minutes - an interesting development.

This is the planter after just 2 weeks - the new leaves are looking so well.

I was so impressed that I bought another 2 bags so I can grow a succession of leaves over the summer (I have 3 planters so it is a practical solution to a salad lover like me)

The seeds have been protected from the cool, wet weather by their covers.

These elho planters are perfect for a small garden, for those of us who enjoy growing a few things. 

I have 3 tomato pods in a trough too - they are also miracle gro ones in pods that I have not used before as I usually buy small plants but they are a little slower at coming on. 

I was impressed by having the seeds & growing medium in a pod that can be planted, very little effort but hopefully they will grow as well as the information says - I will keep everyone updated.  

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