Saturday, 14 April 2012

All things creepy crawly ....

How do you feel about things with more than 2 legs?
I am generally fine about insects but anything with 8 legs leaves me running for cover. 
The farm in Africa has loads of creepy crawlies - most of whom are never seen as they are quite shy.

On our 6 day stay on the farm, we came across some absolutely stunning butterflies ....

Butterfly, South Africa

Butterfly, KZN, South Africa

and this equally impressive Preying Mantis who was reflected in the window glass

Preying Mantis, KZN, South Africa

until daughter gently moved him ....

Preying Mantis, KZN, South Africa

The locusts are not for moving as they have sharp barbs on their legs that leave nasty cuts so they get chased on ...

Locust, KZN South Africa

All in all, they make for interesting times with all their bright colours ...

Do you tolertate insects or are they just not your thing?

Dee ~♥~


  1. Well those are beautiful butterflies and I remember those others, good photo's Dee!!

    1. Thanks Anonymous - I just love butterflies & how graceful they are. Thanks for stopping by to comment!


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