Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Faux antlers & brass animals ...

I have always loved stuffed animals & antlers. My great uncle Ben had a magnificent collection on their walls & on their large verander which ran the length of their imposing house on a hill in Pretoria. We could see them watching us as we played in the garden & we would run up the steps, open the metal verander gates & gaze at them in wonder.

He was of the pioneer age where shooting & hunting was part of life & he proudly paid homage to them by displaying & naming them.

I would gladly have real heads but my daughters are a little squeamish about them so I settled for a faux resin one which fits in rather well with our modern shabby chic decor.

I was also given some of those dark, shellac-type buck that was once a very popular souvenier in the 70's. Since the in-laws had brought it back from their time in Africa, I  wanted to use them, so they were painted in a cream Farrow & Ball paint to bring them up to date, then they were teamed with a modern one. I think they look rather good together with their strong shape.

On my browsing trips, I came across a pair of rather large brass deer; they are rather imposing  with their long antlers.

My animal collection also has a rather pretty peacock & a smaller deer that complement my mock vellum books as it shows off their form rather well.

On a recent trip back to Africa, I found these modern African animal statues in gold with traditional patterns which fit in well with our small collection. I love the patterns & form of them & they are a good addition to the animal collection.

Even though my animals are from different countries, ages & materials, they have all been selected with the 'same eye' ....

Do you like animals shapes, paintings & antlers? Do they have a place in modern decor?

Please share your animal decor ideas & inspirations ....

Dee ~♥~


  1. What a fabulous collection.


    Nina x

    1. Thank you for stopping by to say 'HI' Nina ... it is always good to get some feedback.

      Regards D

  2. I love the gold ones - so pretty although my Victor Meldrew would complain that they are dust collectors!!!

    Love The Tipsy Tart

    1. Hehee tell him they are eye candy; they were an impulse buy because I really liked them & I am so glad I did!

      D xx


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