Friday, 15 June 2012

Cake stands are back in fashion

For a long time, no one would own up to having a cake stand, even less to using them as they were thought of as a bit old fashioned but thankfully they are back in fashion & very much in demand.

Cake stands elevate the simpliest cakes & food into something quite special.

I have several ones that are used often. Some are vintage finds while others are new or shabby chic which goes perfectly with our lifetyle.

Glass or crystal stands sit easily with just about everything, especially if it is a good height to add a visual effect to a table setting.

 I used a selection of cake stands on my sideboard to welcome cakes for the Royal Wedding Watch Party so that as guests arrived with their fabulous bakes, they were ready & waiting  ...

Royal Wedding Watch Party

I love this vintage pressed glass stand that I use for little tartlets

This morning tea setting was for a ladies birthday tea for a friend; I used some vintage silver ones too so that the setting felt special. Such settings take time to get them just right - do you like it?

Birthday tea for a friend

A silver stand holds a selection of hot scones as the weather turned rather cold ...

Even a basic date & banana bread looks special on a nice stand or two ...

Banana, date & cranberry treat

Cake stands are of course de rigueur for birthdays as birthday cakes are special ♥
This is a fun set I used when the girls were younger ...

Now they are older, they now tend to opt for these ...

and cake stands don't always have to hold cakes, sometimes perfect fruits from a market stall just need displaying too or fruits & pancakes ....

A cake stand used for cheese, bisuits & nibbles on a party  table

Of course you can also use it to hold pink champagne for the ladies ♥

Do you use cake stands or are they a bit naff? Which ones suit your lifestyle best?  Do you do vintage ones too? Tell all - how do you use your cake stand? 

Till next time, happy browsing,
Dee ♥


  1. Zing went the strings of my heart! (: I LOVE cake stands, and they have never gone out of style in my house. I have several. Some are easily accessible and used frequently. Others are embedded in the china cupboards and help extend space (things on top, things nestled underneath. I like the glass ones too. A little sparkle does a girl good. Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh Susy - how fab to have a kindered spirit. I would love to see your collection of cake stands; I just love how things feel a bit more special when they are on a stand. Have a great weekend too & thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh Dee - I'm SO glad that I'm not the only cake stand addict out there! I have far too many cake stands for my own good - I absolutely ADORE them! Glass or plain white, vintage or new - I'll take them all. There's no better last 'resting place' for a slice of gorgeous cake than on a cake stand - lol!
    Paula x

    1. Kindered spirits Paula - I would love to see your collection too, please share them as I just love browsing such things. I completely agree - even the plainest cake is just lovely on a stand & a slice of gorgeous cake ... well, that is just irresistible. Thanks for stopping by x

  3. Thanks for your comment today Dee :)
    And yes I'm definitely a fan of cake stands too, both vintage and modern.

  4. Have you ever decorated a cake stand with party favors before? It’s such a fun way to thank..

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