Thursday, 28 June 2012

Shropshire field poppies

Our UK summer may have been terrible but the poppies have been stunning this year ...
Shropshire Poppies

A local farmer has a massive field filled with the most divine tall poppies that is just such a magnificent sight - you can see the pink / purple haze as you drive towards it, a mirage on the skyline ... then this sight ♥. I stopped next to the field & used a long lens to capture these images, just so gorgeous …

Shropshire poppy fields on a summers day

It is something to behold - to see so much beauty in one place. The detail is quite stunning, the intensity of colour so striking ...

Shropshire poppy fields on a summers day

and the promise of things to come

I hope you have enjoyed the poppy field with me - are you a fan of these colours?

Stop by again soon
Dee ~♥~


  1. Love your photos Dee, and yes the colors are magnificent! Your flowers are a little different from our California poppies.

    1. Thank you Susy - I was in heaven with such beauty. Thanks for stopping by,
      Regards D


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