Saturday, 23 June 2012

Solar lights at night ...

I have always loved a bit of twinkling light in the garden at night & have had solar lights in the garden for years. The first ones some 15 years ago were rather expensive & not terribly effective but I enjoyed them nevertheless.
The choice now is quite astounding - the selection is just so lovely with all shapes, sizes, colours & designs to choose from.

Our shed at the bottom of the garden does not have an electical connection so one of the first things we did was to put up two solar lights onto the outside of it.

 They are a welcoming sight with their white glow. The coloured lights were on a bush by the front door but they have now found a home there with their pretty colour.

Our patio against the house has a selection of the normal push in ones, some blue floating ones in the fountain & a recent addition of two strings of white lights on our pair of obelisks at the conservatory doors ...

The white light very elegant at night as it gives just a hint of the flowers & shapes.

I think they all add a soft glow to the garden at night; highlighting the various features like the shed, fountain, plants & structures.

Are you a night time garden person who enjoys a bit of light or do you just shut the curtains?

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  1. We have few window coverings in our small cottage, so we enjoy the night scenes too. We have "escort" lights around our pond in the front courtyard, and they're one of my favorite things in the evening. We recently added a sensor so they come on automatically when the sun begins to set. I also have lanterns on my long front porch, and light the candles when company is coming. What would life be without a little twinkle.

    1. That sounds very welcoming Susy - it is always lovely to see welcoming lanterns on the porch. I helped a friend with decorations at her cottage in the country for her hubbies birthday sometime back & we hung lanterns all the way along their path to the door & it looked so lovely. Have a good week & thanks for stopping by ...

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    1. Thanks for stopping by; I'm glad you liked the pictures.
      Regards D

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    1. Thank you for stopping by & leaving a comment - I do rather like taking photos ...
      Regards D