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Call it what you want ....

I was reading this article with interest tea-supper-dinner and wondering at the symantics & intricacies of the so called 'classness' of the terms ....

Growing up in South Africa, our evening meal was always supper - a proper meal cooked by Mom, with all of us sitting around the dining table (always set) sharing our days news; most definitely family time with exchanges of our days & anything else that had happened. Politics was often on the menu too ....

We all took turns to set the table at night - placemats, cutlery, plates (unless it was dished up in the kitchen), serviettes and condiments on the table,  This was our normal, everyday supper we had around 6.30 -7pm once we were all back home again from school, work & activities.
This was always at the dining table because the kitchen table was too small for all of us.

Occasionally the folks had friends for 'dinner' which did not always include us but that was more adult, more formal with 3 courses & more lively conversation & lots of lovely glassware & interesting puddings & pre & post drinks from Dad's well stocked drinks cabinet.

I had not really heard the term 'tea' referred to a meal until we came to live in England. For me, tea was a mug of hot tea (literally) with a slice of cake if people were invited so I had to learn the minefield of the symantics of 'tea / supper / dinner' .

For me, supper is a relaxed meal with family or friends. I love having friends over to share it at a set table - friends will often join me to finish preparing it in the kitchen before we all sit down together. Supper will include a pudding only  if friends are visiting; it is a relaxed time to just enjoy each others company & hopefully include a lively exchange of news & views.

Godsons will bear testament to the fact that whatever the meal, I do like to see good table manners - sitting till everyone is finished, passing condiments when asked, using cutlery properly, having a serviette, eating with  your mouth closed etc. For me, supper time is where social graces are gently reinforced so that children can go out into the world with social confidence because their table manners are second nature  ....

Supper includes meals eaten inside or outdoors - a family meal, family & friend time ....

pink al fresco evening
al fresco lunch
Summer al fresco supper

Al Fresco Summer supper

 patio supper with wasp / insect net

As a family, we often do brunch on the weekend when we are all home - it bridges breakfast & lunch so there is no urgency to get up early; everyone at home joins in & helps to make something we all want to linger over ...

Mothers day conservatory breakfast

Brunch often included something warm - pancakes, fruit, eggs, toast etc

Breakfast in the conservatory

Pancakes for breakfast

STREETLIFE, Royal Stafford breakfast

Occasionally, we do a more formal meal; this is usually a Thanksgiving I host for a friend with family in the USA - 12 ladies enjoying a proper table setting with 3 courses - that is dinner ... a more formal, 3 course meal with some structure ....

2011 A Shropshire Thanksgiving

A Shropshire Thanksgiving

A Shropshire Thanksgiving

A Shropshire Thanksgiving

What do you call your evening meal & what are your traditions?

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  1. mmmm....very inviting. Love the images you've put together of special times...good food, lovely home and it xx

    1. Thanks my dear, food is meant to be enjoyed wherever it is eaten & you have enjoyed many a supper & dinner with us ♥


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