Friday, 24 August 2012

Catagena harbour in Spain

I love old towns with their interesting detail & history so while in Spain, we took time to visit some of the older parts.

Cartagena,_Spain  is one such place - a natural harbour that is also a Naval Station.

cartagena  has a long & interesting history, having been inhabited by several cultures & civilisations & this is reflected in its streets & development.

Roman influences are everywhere & we headed to the Amphitheatre. This is my panorama of the view.

It is always interesting, for me, to stand where people have stood for centuries - it makes one realise how insignificant we really are

We enjoyed a visit to the museum to see some of the old Roman remain & statues found there.

The guide on our bus told us that building facades are kept in place if Roman ruins are found & have to be investigated so we found some of these Hollywood-like facades in town near the Amphitheatre - most interesting.

 and some others ....

For a better view of the town & harbour, we decided to go up the look out tower - all 150 steps (or take the lift as we did) and the view was stunning of the town, the harbour & Roman ruins. There was also a very welcome breeze up there off the sea ...

Back in town to enjoy the beautiful buildings & architecture. I love the details on buildings - the balconies, metal work, friezes & tiles ...

 Cartagena has a natural harbour that has been used for centuries & on our visit a large cruise ship had docked & passengers were enjoying the views too.

The harbour has a submarine,the prototype of the submarine by the inventor from Cartagena, Isaac Pera, first conceived in 1884 ...

 Spanish towns also have many statues in their streets which adds interest to them - these are some we saw in Cartegena.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit & hope you enjoyed the story with me.

Look in again soon, always pleased to welcome comments & new visitors,
Dee ~♥~