Saturday, 18 August 2012

Murcia - a beautiful Spanish town

While visiting Spain, we spent the day in Murcia which is a traditional Spanish town.
I love achitecture, people & new places & my idea of heaven is to head out with a camera to capture scenes of places I visit.

Heatwave warnings were issued the day before but since our arrangements were finalised, we stuck to our plan - enjoying the beautiful old bridge in the early morning.
Daughter has noticed a trend on flickr for photos of padlocks on bridges & fences & this is what we saw ... I am not sure of the significance, please let me know if you do ....

Murcia bridge locks, Spain

Murcia is famous for its tall cathedral & palace & they did not disappoint.

Murcia Cathedral, Spain

I absolutely love the distressed colour & details on the palace - the muted colours are the perfect foil for that gorgeous green. How would you describe that colour green? Verdigris? Seagreen?

I particularly loved all the details on buildings: the ornate rails, the lovely balconies, the interesting plaster work & shields, the lovely colours ...

The sun rose higher & higher in the clear sky till we noticed it as ...

We enjoyed a relaxed lunch on the cathedral square where we could see the beautiful cathedral & the palace as we sat in the shade - just lovely.

Our meal ended with a refreshing watermelon granita / iced drink that was so lovely - sweet & ice cold!

I really enjoyed looking at all the street art & Statues - beautiful ones that just made the streets look more interesting & made art more accessible!

I would love to spend more time in Murcia again, to just wonder the streets with a camera - savouring the sights, sounds & coffee shops at leisure ....

I hope you have enjoyed the sights of Murcia with me,
Thanks for stopping by, I always love your feedback
Dee ~♥~

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