Monday, 17 June 2013

Pink paisley for summer ....

I shared my love of  the-beauty-of-paisley recently. I just love the paisley pattern - the  predictable repeated pattern is very easy on the eye & soothing on the mind. I am delighted that it is 'in' fashion & is appearing more often without it being 'granny' or dated.

On a quick trip to Ikea with a friend, I saw this bedding across the way & just knew I had to have it ....

I often dither about new bits because I am very clear in my mind what I like & what I don't, but I just knew this was the change my bedroom needed for Summer.

I have had the Cath Kidson Rosali bedding on for winter with its shabby chic flowers & check but it was time for something fresh ...

The lovely paisley of the Ikea SYLNARV is lovely & fresh with a lighter OFELIA throw

I love the texture of the throw

 I doubt I will use the reverse of the duvet as dots are not really my thing ...

 One massive improvement in the IKEA duvet covers - they have a bottom fastening.  Some of their older ones just have an opening & this one has a very hand large zip so it is really quick to get on ... fabulous! The pillow cases are also zipped - perfect!

Lighter & brighter & favourite pattern - do you like the change? Are you an IKEA fan?

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Dee ~♥~


  1. lovely..I once bought lovely pink bedding and no sooner than i put it on the bed, then i had to take it off cause roland hated

    1. Hahaa I can just see his expression but you have to admit, that peaceful patterns work best ....


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