Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The joys of Annie Sloan chalk paints

Like many others, I have an eclectic side. I like to mix old & new, vintage with modern high street, IKEA (yes .....) with Royal Worcester to make my home my own!

I confess that I am not afraid to get out the paint to change & modernise items so that they fit in with what we already have at home. 

These are some of my painting efforts:

When I bought this original Lloyd loom chair for my bedroom, it was a vile, dated dusty pink colour so I  used  Farrow & Ball paint to freshen it up but I found that without lots of prep of the surfaces, the results were disappointing & the paints took a long time to dry & had strong smells.
A pink Lloyd Loom chair refurbished with Farrow & Ball cream paint

ikea-hacks - a dark dated chest of drawers, 2 vintage headboards & an Ikea pine cupboard were all repainted for our spare bedroom. They are all various ages yet once updated they sit comfortably together to create a calm environment.

Some time back, I had been seeing lots of reports of Annie Sloan chalk paint on various blogs & it seemed like a dream - no prep necessary & it covers all surfaces - that sounded too good to be true.  However, it took sometime to find a local stockist in Shropshire but once one opened in Shrewsbury, it unlocked a new world.

I bought my first tin of Annie Sloan & read up on the technique needed but I remained sceptical about the hype - my desk was my first effort.

my-space - my vintage ladies desk where I do my writing ...


a-very-elegant-graphite-mirror was our next project with my daughter for her bedroom

However, the teacher in me always wants to know more - to try the more difficult finishes that give the 'French looking' results I want so I have become impatient with my efforts ...

As luck would have it, some facebook networking revealed a new, local supplier at maws craft centre - the stunning  Belle Maison Vintage shop BelleMaisonVintage on facebook. Her work is simply stunning - really inspirational painting & techniques so I knew I had to visit.

She is confident in all the techniques she uses & will be offering lessons in Annie Sloan painting soon. I will be there ....

In the meantime, I am enjoying another new-bust I found at her shop

It goes perfectly with my current lovely lady - what do you think?

So I am hoping to perfect some new techniques so that I can progress to the finishes I want which appeals to my creative side. I know in the meantime I will be sourcing some things I want to paint.

Are you a painter? Do you customise things? Please share a link to your projects!

Thanks for stopping by, always pleased to welcome you to my blog & home!

Dee ~♥~


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Marina - it was right to paint the inside so bright. I bought a bright Annie Sloan called Florence too .... Do you like desks to dream at?

  2. Sweet desk! Chalk Paint® is a remarkable paint!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tami - I am always amazed at how well the paint works ..

    2. I had a look at your pinterst Tami - such beautiful pins :)

  3. Well done Dee, I would not paint ours as they are french polished and would loose their value. One day when we move and sell this furniture I would like some lighter furniture!!
    Kathy xx

    1. My dear Kathy, I would not paint valuable things like your desk at all, but mismatched, dated things are perfect because life is too short to live with things that are not useful or beautiful! xx

  4. that paint is fab....i might need some of it myself for a few little projects i have in mind....loving the new black bust....:) xx

    1. Thanks my dear - it is so nice to use those paints - you will have to try some on your projects. I do rather like my new lady - think she is very at home here ...


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