Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Painting a vintage gold frame ....

This vintage gold frame was bought as a possible one for my lady but not used. However, it is a stunning vintage frame & I wanted to use it in the lounge where a generous frame is needed so I decided to paint it.

The vintage frame had damage to the gesso so this made sense to up-cycle it by painting with Annie Sloan paints.

I used Annie Sloan's book 'Creating the French look' for inspiration.

I wanted to frame a piece of Lee Jofa 'Stags & Hounds' fabric that complemented our Ralph Lauren curtains in the bay window.

I decided the frame could be bolder so I started to highlight the raised detail with Annie Sloan 'Florence', 'Emperor silk' red & 'Paris Grey' to bring colour to the frame.

I must admit thinking that it was garish at this point but I decided to press on. The inner part was painted 'Florence' then 'Emperor Silk' to bring lightness to it.

The whole frame was then painted with 'Graphite'

While wet, I used my finger & a damp cloth, to take the graphite off the raised detail to expose the gold frame & the other colours underneath in places.

This is the first time I have done this but I proceeded with the knowledge it could easily be repainted if I didn't like the look.

I like the colour ranges that subtly appear - gold, green, red, grey which add tones to the frame.

Waxing time to seal it & enrich the colour - then the fabric was added in the hope it would look right in the lounge with its large red wall.

It complements the curtain fabric beautifully - similar colours & fabric. It also incorporates 'deer / stag' antlers elements that we have in the lounge.

The red wall is always a challenge in the lounge but I am pleased with this element that sits well with everything we have & most importantly - it is something I love.

Do you have elements in your home that are 'challenging'? Are you in favour of painting vintage things so that you will use them & get pleasure from them?

Thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy your insight & feedback
Dee ~♥~


  1. it looks beautiful....works really well together and i do 'adore' that red wall! :) x

    1. Thanks my friend - the Drumbeat wall is vibrant but challenging decor wise because it is such a statement. I am pleased with the frame ... it is time to introduce you to Annie ,,,, Sloan!


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