Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A very wet time in the Shire ...

Hello friends & followers

February has been a very busy month & I just seem to be paddling along & neglecting my updates here.

There are at last, welcoming signs of Spring here in England after a very wet & grey month. Our local flood defences have come up & down & back up & down again as the River Severn flows through our County on its way to the sea at Bristol.

I don't live close to the river but visit the Ironic Ironbridge regularly for shopping, coffee & to photograph the Bridge in all seasons.

It was strange to drink coffee behind the flood barriers which were then breached just days after & Queenies flooded ...

These fields on the way to our country town of Shrewsbury were all flooded

The pretty Shropshire town of Bridnorth saw the might of the Severn flood fields for miles on its way to Worcester

The oxbow on the way to Ironbridge from Shrewsbury shows the extent of our rain

So now after garden fences are mended thanks to our gales, perhaps I can think of Spring & some gardening.

Thanks for stopping by, I have lots of exciting posts ready now ...

Dee ~♥


  1. Lovely pics, Dee!! Thanks for sharing!! How I would love to visit your country some day!!

    1. Thanks my dear - I hope you will be visiting sometime xx

  2. Lovely coffee shop....I'll take the one with extra whip cream on top! Beautiful countryside...even with extra water milling around. Happy Spring!

    1. Hi Lynda - I recommend the hot chocolate with extras as well … Shropshire is beautiful with lovely scenery. Happy Spring to you too!


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