Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A vintage sewing box needs updating ….

Hi all

Hope my American friends are all safe & warm following your storms & snow.  Our winter has thus far, been mild but wet with several misty mornings.

I recently shared my trolley that I updated with Annie Sloan chalk paint.  As luck will have it, I also found a vintage sewing box that I thought would be useful as I am a bit of a magpie sewer …. leaving chaos in my wake when I am sewing.

Winter nights are perfect for Gentlework projects so best to be organised so I get something productive done.

The sewing box is a handmade, vintage one that the seller says was owned by the same lady since the 1950's.

As with most things - this needs some serious updating. The paintwork is long past its best, the felt is a little musty and it most definitely needs new handles on the top. Those ones just have to go!!

I am a great Annie Sloan chalk paint fan but this one needed a light sand because the paint was patchy. However, sanding is an outside activity so the dry spell today meant that the sanding could be done.

Now to paint - drat - I have still not bought extra 'old white' and my tin is empty! Don't you hate that - ready to paint & not got the paint?

So option two is to go with my other favourite of graphite & Emperor'a Silk paint  …

What would you do to update it?

The progress is documented here - do you like it? Thanks for stopping by,
Dee ~♥~

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