Sunday, 16 November 2014

Some festive German treats in Birmingham

The bright lights of the Birmingham German market always reminds me that the festive season is on its way …

The Frankfurt German Market in Birmingham boasts around 200 stalls, lots of gluwein & bratwurst & the colourful, if a little generic, decorations.

However, it has been some years since I braved the crowds to visit the market so when our local TV announced its opening on Thursday, it seemed opportune to head there early before the 5 million visitors start arriving in our second largest city.

It is also opportune that my Wondering Star daughter & Andy have moved to a beautiful flat close to the City centre. We took advantage of their location to park up, enjoy a cuppa & walk into the city.

I freely admit to loving the beautiful buildings of Birmingham - the impressive City Hall, Art Gallery & fountains really are beautiful.  I grew up in Africa & lived & worked close to the Johannesburg city centre so I love the buzz of big cities though I love going home to my quieter space but I like having the city close by ….

One of the taverns in the square …

A very imposing nutcracker surveying the scene from up high ….

Wooden huts host the wares to tempt shoppers …..

Pretzel time ….

 Antony Gormley's impressive Iron Man sculpture in Victoria Square surveys the markets

 Fabulous Sweetie pie treats in all flavours

Beautiful reflections in the fountains on the square

Reflections in the beautiful surroundings

Traditional ornaments in bright colours

Nuts ready for snacking

German cookies

Traditional wooden decorations

I always find nutcrackers rather formidable ….

Details on the wooden items

Ms M gifted me one of these from a trip to Germany & they are fabulous. The heat of the tea light turns the round figures & casts pretty light about the room ….

So much choice - our German tea light turner will be out again soon …

Bright & colourful in the sunshine

A lovely time in unexpected sunshine after a thunderstorm, and fortunately before the crowds gather too.

Will you be visiting any markets? Thanks for stopping by, I always love your comments
Dee ~♥~

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