Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Autumn leaves are falling ….

Hi all

I have been enjoying the beautiful colours of Autumn which is one of my favourite past times.

I was watching the leaves drift down in the wind & thought how beautiful the colours were - you know the kind of colours that just blend in to each other with their various tones & shades.

I went out to rake them up & decided they were too beautiful not to capture - so I arranged them in a wreath shape & photographed their beauty before they fade.

So perfectly organic & natural …..

I hope you are enjoying the changing seasons wherever you are too.

Go out & enjoy the seasons & colours - nature is so splendid.

It is also a good time to pull out my Vivaldi's 4 seasons & revisit Autumn 

Thanks for stopping by again, I always enjoy your company & comments.

Dee ~♥~


  1. I wish the leaves would last a bit longer...maybe it's the brevity of the season that makes us stop and really look. There is nothing to match Autumn's colours.

    1. I agree Debs - it would be nice if the beautiful colours stayed longer but the rain has turned the leaves mushy & they will soon be gone ….

  2. I love the Fall. Last year in New York fall was kicked out by an early winter. I'm so happy to be able to see the leaves change this year!

    Sam @ DIY Huntress

    1. Hiya Sam - thanks for stopping by - please post a picture of your fall leaves - it is a favourite time for me.


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