Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A vintage suitcase is transformed

Hi everyone - as a teacher / private tutor, summer holidays brings time to relax & do things I love - like painting, sewing & other things.

I had already started to paint this suitcase before realising I had not down a 'before' picture.

It is a vintage case that had come out of a relatives loft that was being cleared & it came back with me as a carrier for random objects. While sorting the contents, I thought …. 'Mmmm I wonder how that would paint up? I could do with something to store my hats in ….'

I put down the protective coverings of sheets &  cardboard on the conservatory table on a dull Shropshire summer day & got out the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. A quick wipe down to remove dust & I got started on it.

The paint seemed to take fine but took on a pinkish hue with the dark red showing through. I left it to dry overnight then did a second coat which covered it.

After it dried, I looked through my fabrics & decided on a few decoupaged flowers to add detail to it.

A single flower was sufficient inside ….

The handle had a long fabric strip glued to it while the colour code was added for detail ….

A much improved suitcase - vintage to chic,  a perfect storage place for my much loved hats.

Filled with hats which I love - they will not be squashed now while being stored - perfect!

What do you think of it?  Have you done anything similar? Thanks for stopping by - I value your time & comments
Dee ~♥~

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