Sunday, 26 July 2015

Recovering some cushions …..

Hi all
I am officially on my long summer holidays & have switched off the alarm clock but am still wide awake at the usual time - the crack of dawn.

I am a great list maker to keep focused on the things I need to do & the things I want to do …  Our house is a largely a haven of neutral background walls - Natural Calico - because I am always changing things about.

Somehow a vintage family duck down quilt had made its way to our home to wrap up some things & I was rather reluctant to have it since it is …. dated …. but while tidying my fabric stash (yes, everyone has a fabric stash …. ) I thought it would look much better with a new cover so the machine came out in the conservatory on a dull day …

I am rather partial to paisley & this is a lovely neutral one, perfect, especially when teamed up with this fabric ….

The second project is a cover for a cushion that sits on great grandmas long bench - the bench came from Hubbies great grandmas home when she married & it is now with us … a lovely bench but not the most comfortable so it always has a long full size cushion on it. The cushion cover was past it so a new cover was made with the same fabric I used on the reverse of the quilt.

This was a much quicker sew than the quilt - much better.

The bench has taken up residence in daughter's bedroom - at the foot of a bed; its traditional place!

It is revived for now & is much improved by the new cover …

The quilt … we are used to lightweight, modern quilts so this heavy down single bed quilt is best suited to cushioning my vintage Lloyd Loom chair at my desk …

Just enough cushioning at the space where I write my letters & keep my special bits ….

Two transformations that have now repurposed two vintage items - surely a job well done! What is on your to-do list? Do you make an accusing list - one that stares at you, willing you to work your way down it?

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Dee ~♥~

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