Saturday, 30 January 2016

A sewing project for the study ...

Hiya everyone

Sometimes my work - tutoring elective home education students - just takes over & I have little time, so apologies for my absence. Thank you to those faithful who stop by to support, read & comment - I appreciate your time ...

We have a small study at home that belongs to hubby & I have a little side in it but resist the urge to take up too much of his space as he loves the space which is his own.

We initially had loose units in the space with a free standing desk. However, the space just didn't work well & last year I decided to have it built in with more storage & working space as a gift to hubby.

The space works much better now with a large desktop & space for my desktop computer (used for my work) as well as a laptop working space & our home CCTV; it is the hub of our home & it appeals to hubbies ordered mind so is a space he loves with his awards & bits around him ...

Our favourite leather books are kept in the side shelves where they are protected from light & scuffs. I LOVE leather books & the textures of their tooled covers ...

Can you see the badge on the shelf?

I have my desk upstairs in the bedroom - painted to my liking where I like to work at, computer free where I write letters & plan my projects & time.

Hubby has his Dad's embroidered blazer badge that came from his family home. It was from the blazer his Dad always wore in photos for the dust jackets on his books & which we all associated with him.  I found it in hubbies drawer & so I decided that it needs to be on display.

I am partial to vintage frames & have been lucky enough to find some on the vintage stalls I frequent.  A good match size wise ...

I found a length of heavy duty blue felt amongst my sewing bits & I think it complements the still vivid blue, gold & red colours. I matched up a dark blue thread & hand sewed the badge on to the felt. 

The sewn project was then inserted in to the vintage metal frame, sans the glass.

I love heraldry & shields so this is very pleasing to look at. It now adorns the shelf alongside hubbies others special bits; much better than it lingering in a drawer. A satisfying project done ... 

Do you have a regular list of projects?  Because I embrace change, I like to have a list of things that I want to update, change for a season or just enjoy a change of displays. Are you the same? 

I hope you have enjoyed this project, enjoy your weekend & thanks for stopping by, 
Dee ~♥~


  1. It looks lovely framed! Great job! A list of projects, you asked??Heavens no....that would take organizational skills! Now that I am retired, a list may come in handy to keep me focused! Have a wonderful week Dee!

    1. I am sure you are loving having time to yourself Lynda - how absolutely wonderful! I find that I work better with a list looking at me accusingly, willing me to start on the jobs needed .... Have a wonderful week, I hope you are going to be enjoying pancakes this Tuesday!


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