Sunday, 3 January 2016

Our Christmas decorations are down ...

Hi everyone, this year I was actually ahead of myself after being very late last year to get my tree up,

My tree went up on the first Sunday of Advent so it has been up a full 4 weeks. However,  it has also had to come down early so while taking them down, I have photographed them, realising that I have not shared them this year.

I am partial to deer & stags & so I opted for the homespun / artisan look again of deers & stags along with some very pretty coloured glass ornaments which soften the look & reflects the light.

I found some of these vintage glass ornaments some years back & love how they reflect the light ...

Traditional & modern ornaments together - the common theme being deer / stags

By day, our tree, tucked in the corner, looks pretty ...

... by night it shimmers & glows with its warm lights & shiny decorations

A modern, homespun star adorns the tree top

Our clocks always have some greenery to soften them & this year is no different ..

My new picture shelves hold some of the daughters tiny, special ornaments given each year ....

Our large inglenook is always adorned with a long garland that just fits. Some new berry lights wind through the garland providing welcome colour at night. Some of our cards are displayed on festive twine along it because our house bunny, Vivaldi likes to nibble at them ...

Our fabric stockings are hung along the 2 side windows in the inglenook where little gifts are popped in to each one as they are wrapped.

Pretty heart decorations frame the card twine ...

A family of deer on the coffee table - they are not strictly festive & might stay a little longer ...

A gift of a large poinsettia is always a welcome challenge - they can be temperamental to keep going because they like a constant temperature & conditions or they drop their leaves & sulk ...

Our conservatory sideboard has once again displayed some favourite Christmas china & things. However, I have added a woodland theme to it with the addition of miniature trees & deer.

Greenery & berries are always about at Christmas

Even our drinks tray on the console table in the conservatory has some adornments

More berries about in the dining- room

My ladies on the dining-room sideboard get their adornments too

The large mirror has its green garland on too

 Our front door welcomes friends with a handmade wreath from one of my student Mums

Our small entrance hall's noticeboard holds our handmade South African decorations - a connection to my roots & a warm welcome to visitors as they enter or leave our home.

The decorations are now once again carefully packed away for another year - before 12th night but needs must & the house looks bare without all the lights & greenery. When do yours come down? How do you fill the gap between festive brightness & January dullness? Thank you for stopping by,

Dee ~♥~


  1. Your decorations were beautiful this year! I dislike taking mine down, everything looks naked. I retired Dec.18 so I will take my time packing them up. I am hoping to delete some of the excess. Happy new year Dee!

    1. Thank you Lynda - how fabulous to have retired & have time in hand to just take life at your own pace.

      I too need to thin out the decorations but that is a loft job & the loft is too cold to linger in now ... Happy New Year to you & yours - I look forward to regular blog posts now that you have time...


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