Saturday, 2 January 2016

The Viszla's Aura & Apollo

Hi everyone

Allow me to introduce A Wondering Star & Andy's gorgeous dogs - Vizsla Apollo  (who is 10 months old) & their new pup Aura (who is a mere 9 weeks old).

Head over to daughters blog where Vizsla Apollo has his own section that he shares with Aura now.

They came over to visit today & ran around in the (very wet) garden. They are such fabulous pedigree dogs who are well trained & such a joy.

Even though Aura is only 9 weeks old, she already understands various commands she has been taught ....

The lovely pair waiting for treats in our kitchen

Apollo is a thoroughbred Hungarian Vizsla with stunning colouring & is such a lovely dog

Little Aura - just 9 weeks old & so cute already ...

Apollo surveying the garden for them both to make sure it is safe from birds, squirrels & the likes ....

Aura taking his stick from him

Apollo being very tolerant of the pup ....

Come Aura - I found where she keeps the stash of sticks (in my chimnea)

Apollo enjoying the fresh air while Aura rans inside for cuddles from Aunt Stacy when she was too cold

They are hunter, pointer, retriever dogs & they certainly have the right build & stance for it ....

Make me warm Stacy, cuddle me ....

I hope you have enjoyed meeting the Vizslas - pop over to their Instagram Vizslaapollo  & check out their feed if you want regular photos.  What family pets do you have?

Thanks for your company & comments,
Dee ~♥~


  1. they are gorgeous and I'm a sucker for dogs!
    Thanks for sharing! x x x


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