Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Another year has passed

I am sure my regular visitors will know how important family are to me - they are the roots that ground us & let us grow. Knowing who you are & where you come from is important because it is those influences which make us who we are with all our quirky ways.

I come from a family of strong women who are not daunted by life, another year has passed & today I will be mindful that it is 4 years since we took leave of a beloved Mother.

Last year, with a cousin taken too soon by cancer, my reflection focused on those taken too soon .  Another year has passed & I have lost more friends & more cousins to cancer & we seem to be no closer to understanding the many cancers which now touch too many lives.

I will be thankful for my Mom's life lived, thankful that we had the time we did, thankful that my Mom was sustained by the lifelong love & support of my Dad, her rock. She always said she could face anything as long as he was by her side, and that was how it was ...

However, I wish I had her fashion & style (my daughters certainly have it .... )

I still use her needlework & embroidery & follow in her footsteps by being a bit of a tea drinker  (not in cups & saucers as she did,  I do prefer more practical thin mugs .... )

I will light my angel candle & give thanks for her life & the time we had as I celebrate a life well lived so she is not defined by her last few months.

Sending love, light, peace & blessings to all, especially those who are missed ....
Dee ~♥~

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