Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Shrove Tuesday & thinking of Lent?

Shrove Tuesday / pancake day is upon us again. However, we are going to do our pancakes on Ash Wednesday due to time restraints with the Godsons who always join me for pancakes.

 Supper first while we catch up ...

However, we have been chatting about what to give up for the 40 days of Lent.

I always observe Lent  and make a resolution - some more successful than others before breaking for Easter . We love pancakes at home & especially the tradition of flipping them ourselves, in all sorts of Shrove Tuesday weather. Visitors are not immune from having to flip too.

The Godsons have become really good pancake flippers & they are happy to make enough for all of us.  We always make them, never buy them ready made ....

Perhaps for Lent this year, we should concentrate on 40 Acts of Kindness, making your world a better space.

I gave up chocolate a few years ago on a visit to Africa before Easter & it was hard because Dad loves chocolate too, but we bought some treats on the way home which made up for it.

I will give up chocolate until Easter so please do not lead me in to temptation over Lent.

 This was the Godsons pancake that that he flipped himself - filled with fruit, a dollop of ice cream & drizzled with maple syrup - nicely presented too.

Do you give up something for Lent? What will it be this year? I hope your Ash Wednesday has been good - 40 days of good deeds or something given up? What will it be for you?

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  1. Well, I would like to say that I have given up something, but I know that is futile. I am a church musician, so I spent the day on Ash Wednesday making music in various services. I bought a small book earlier this spring entitled "A Love that Never Dies".
    It is a devotional prayer journal that gives me something to ponder every one of the 40 days, and a small place to write a thought or two. I think that will be my offering for Lent. Today's thought was Spiritual Housecleaning...uh-oh.....did somebody mention housekeeping??? Yikes!! The prayer was "Give me an open heart and mind to receive others as a reflection of Your grace...." I think I can do that! I hope I have always done it....
    Blessings to you this Easter season, and I loved the pictures of the boys and their pancakes!! They looked yummy!

    1. Hi Jaybird, housekeeping is one of those necessary evils - fortunately I hate a mess more than I hate housework so it gets done :) Keeping a prayer journal for the 40 days is a real commitment, I hope it is going well. Thank you - the Godsons have a tradition of doing pancakes & Christmas baking with me which is good fun. Take care D


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