Tuesday, 24 October 2017

A woodland theme on the sideboard

Hi everyone

Has the weather turned wherever you are? Our Autumn has arrived quite quickly with cooler weather, rain & leaves falling.  I love raking the leaves in our garden & often photograph them like this ...

Don't you love these colours & how transparent the leaves are?

Many of you will be familiar with this Spode Woodland pattern. I bought it at the Portmeirion factory shop a few years ago & I love the quirky pattern. I deliberately chose different animals to bring interest to the set.

I did not look back over previous settings until I had changed the sideboard ...

In 2014, this is how I used the Spode Woodland set

In 2015, I brought in touches of silver to lift the pattern - the red touches compliment the large red South African platter than I am very fond of ...

This year, I cleared the sideboard & then brought out the set of plates as a starting point.  I bought this very cute crochet bunting from eBay & just knew it was going on the sideboard. Don't you just love the little hedgehogs & the toadstools?

Sometimes, it goes easily, other times  (like today) I wandered around looking for bits around the house. Then I remembered the 2 turkey / pheasant plates in my stash & it suddenly came together ...

The pheasant plate (Johnson Wild Turkey Game birds pattern) on the top shelf, & Mason's brown turkey plate on the left of the second shelf, came from a thrift / charity shop some years ago. They are the right colours. I balanced it with a shallow Wedgwood primrose pattern platter that is the right colour & size for the sideboard. That shallow platter is used often at home.

I had almost forgotten about this turkey shaped dish - ahem, I don't think this one has ever made a sideboard appearance.  I love feathers but need some more me thinks ....

I saw the Disaronno bottle on our liquor trays & had an inspired moment - the martini glasses were filled with my sparkly table gems with some crystal bottle stoppers poking out & then a few gorgeous conkers added -  I collected the conkers on a visit to A Wondering Star daughter recently - (please tell me I am not the only one to fill my pockets with conkers, pine cones & acorns ....)

Don't you love how a vintage plate teams so well with the Spode Woodland plates that are only a few years old?

A few small & large silver drinking glasses complete the look. The many candle holders with their different colour candles are a reminder that they are used so often; I like them on the sideboard because it is so easy to just reach up & select some to light our table when we eat in the conservatory.

I think it looks very Autumnal now - a good transitional sideboard with things that I really enjoy looking at.  Are you transitioning to Autumn? Tell me how you are doing it?

Thank  you for stopping by, taking the time to read & to leave a comment too.
Dee ~♥~

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