Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Celebrating wide verandas / stoeps of the Karoo


I spent some time in the tiny Karoo town of Aberdeen again visiting family.  I love the quaintness & simplicity of the town because it harks back to a time long gone!

The Tourist Information leaflet informs us that Aberdeen has some unique architectural styles - not that I can identify them with any certainty but these are the ones they named:

Cape Dutch
Gothic Revival
Art Nouveau
Flemish Revival 

One thing I really love is the wide stoeps or verandas so essential to life in the Karoo. The stifling hot summers mean that they are essential to surviving the heat.

 Beautiful wide & beautiful spaces ....

 This house & its elegant stoep / veranda reminds me of our childhood spent at my Grandfathers home in Pretoria where we spent many happy hours playing & running around. It is funny how a single image can bring back so many happy memories ...

How lovely is this detail on this house?

1897 with intricate metal work as well as towers that could be Russian or Gothic ...

Even the metal fence echoes the details on the house ... 

There is a hint of Dutch architecture here as well as turrets & broekie lace details on the stoep ...

Do you have a favourite stoep / veranda? Do you enjoy exploring places you visit? Tell all ...
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  1. There you are.....I've been missing you!!! It sounds as if you have had a great time and I'm glad you could go and enjoy yourself!
    We don't have a veranda (porch, in Texas speak). We do have a small patio outside our back door, and since the evenings have FINALLY cooled a bit, we have been sitting outside with the Posie Cat until the mosquitos drive us bonkers :^(
    Glad to see you posting again!

  2. Hi Jaybird - thank you for the comment. I have been very busy since we got back from our holiday & have started my students new academic year too. We have the opposite problem to you - it is cool already, our clocks go back this weekend then it just seems like winter is here. Take care & thank you for taking the time to comment.

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