Monday, 27 November 2017

A facelift is needed for Ironbridge ....

Hi everyone

An unexpected free work morning due to sick students always brings on feelings of freedom. When faced with these unexpected pleasures, I always head out & enjoy it!

I live close to the world famous Ironbridge. It was the first cast iron structure in the world; it kicked off the Industrial Revolution worldwide with cast iron railway lines, bridges & multi storey buildings all becoming a reality!

This all started in a little valley / gorge in our County by men of great vision.

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photographing-beautiful-wedding-at Ironbridge & photographing-beautiful-wedding-2




Our local press have reported that our Ironbridge, completed in 1779, was being clad in scaffolding to carry out essential repairs & painting.  I just knew that was where I was heading this morning.

Oh my gosh - the sight of the white fabric was quite startling - where is my favourite Bridge?

Information boards tell the tale ...

Lots of metal work & scaffolding to protect workers ...

Somehow, something so familiar was suddenly strange ...

I wanted to see how different it looked from a favourite vantage point up high by the church on the hill.  Up the really steep steps leading up the hill ... 

This view looks directly on to the bridge - always a strange view as it looks like any road from up high.

The lovely St. Luke's church which has seen hundreds of years of activity in this beautiful spot.

The power station production ceased last year due to regulations, these towers are set to come down.

An old post box ~ VR ~  from Queen Victoria's reign ...

After walking all the way to the top of the hill, back down & around to view it from upstream on the Severn River (the longest river in England). Everywhere, the covering is very evident ...

Carrying on downstream of the Ironbridge to the furnaces which once powered the industry along this important place. It is now protected by a roof covering but a timely reminder of the long history of this special place.

The Bedlam furnaces ....

I love the history of this beautiful place I am fortunate to call home ... 

The traffic bridge replaced the Ironbridge as a crossing point - it is beautiful as well as functional ...

I know I will be down there again soon to keep abreast of all the repairs, developments & progress which will make sure  our special Ironbridge remains special for centuries to come.

This is what will be happening over the coming months iron-bridge-conservation-announced while raising additional funds for the project project-iron-bridge

This is how it usually looks & how it will look again ... 

I hope you will pop back soon too for updates on this progress. Thank you for your visit,
Dee ~♥~


  1. It is a beautiful sight, I can't wait to see the progress.

  2. Thanks cousin Rue - you shall have to visit again xx

  3. Gorgeous images! We are always under construction! Have a Merry Christmas Dee!

    1. Hi Lynda - thank you - I hope you are enjoying your retirement & that you are ready for Christmas x

  4. It was fun to read about your Iron will be beautiful once again!!
    Way over here in central Texas, we live very near Iron Bridge State Park. It is pretty primitive, but a fun place to prowl around a do a little fishing!
    It's a big world, but we have lots in common!

    1. How fab is it that we share similar things across the water. We all need somewhere that nourishes the soul & the history of Ironbridge does that. At school in South Africa, we learnt about the Industrial Revolution & I never knew that I would end up right at the heart of it in time. Blessings ....


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