Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Quick weekend pancakes

Hi everyone

With the family at home for the weekend, it is always good to do fruit & pancakes for breakfast.

These are so quick to make - the recipe is the one my mother always used

1 cup of flour (I used self raising)
1 egg
5/8th cup of milk

I know, that is how she did it & that is how I do it for the little pancakes.

Mix everything quickly, adding a bit more milk if it is too thick.

Heat some butter in a frying pan, add about 3 spoons of it to a pan (so as not to crowd it too much as you need to turn them.)

Cook a little then pop a few blueberries in to the mix, then flip them over & cook the blueberry side.

Serve with whatever fruit you have at home, some yoghurt & a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar (the recipe contains no sugar)

Very quick to mix & make & perfect for weekends.

Dee ~💕~
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