Sunday, 11 March 2018

Happy (UK) Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all our lovely UK Mums

Forgive my absence, I have been away but got back just in time for Mother's Day in the UK, also known as Mothering Sunday.

I am a Motherless Daughter, having lost my Mom 6 years ago this past week. I choose to celebrate her life & give thanks that she was with us till she was 75.

This is an early photo of Mom & me in Rhodesia - somehow, Mom always stylish, what the heck was I wearing - this photo always makes me smile ...

This seen on a Motherless Daughter blog today
Indeed - I am blessed with two lovely daughters whose thoughtful deeds are not confined to one day only - that is a true blessing!

Together with the daughters at the yongests graduation in December - they are very special to me. 

A favourite breakfast made for me today, eaten in our conservatory (my favourite space which overlooks the garden) - little pancakes with fruit, natural yoghurt, cinnamon & maple syrup with some filter coffee - life is good! 

Favourite plates - Portobello by Portmeirion

May all the lovely Mothers I know have a blessed day, special thoughts to those who like me are Motherless - 'declare their good, forget the rest'

Dee ~💕~

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