Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Time to repot the peace lillies

Hi everyone

Having been away in Africa for almost a month was lovely but it does mean that there are lots of things that need doing at home with Spring upon us.

I use few chemicals at home but am mindful that our homes are not aired over winter, so it is very important to think of air quality.

We have had 4 pots of peace lillies in the inglenook fireplace - 2 came back from the youngest university house & they have happily grown alongside ours.

However, the pots were now too small so it was time to repot.

I thought it best to buy 2 larger pots which will give them space to grow in to & which will make a lush display & clean the air too.

This blog post looked at beneficial house plants that clean the air so pop over & get some inspiration.

I decided to add some coir linings in the pots to keep the soil compact in the pots - the 4 smaller pots of plants were split up & planted in new potting soil.

The plants were split up & repotted  in the two large pots. The plants have thrived in the inglenook fireplace, out of direct sunlight so their leaves are a lush colour.

I like the thought of the lovely plants keeping the air clean where we are in the living room. It is important to create healthy home environments with some plants.

I look forward to them flowering again soon because their elegant white flowers are always so lovely.

I hope this has inspired you to think of your environment - green is good!

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Dee ~💕~

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